"I was very impressed with Kate’s pleasant personality, her enthusiasm and her deep knowledge about the flora and fauna of bogs and wildlife in general. The students learned a vast amount about bog habitats and at least one student stated that it was her favourite out of ten outings. Kate is an excellent communicator and has the valuable ability to impart information in digestible  amounts and in an interesting way"
Paddy Madden, Marino Institute of Education
“Great tour of Mullaghmeen Forest Park yesterday as part of the Laurence Gilson Summer School - come back in Autumn when things will look a little different!”
Sue Russell, Laurence Gilson Summer School
“I learned a lot about raised bogs from a walk with Kate – I never knew anything about them before. She explained the history, flora and fauna in such an easy to understand and interesting way!  I would highly recommend her walks for young and old – a fantastic chance to learn about our environment and how to protect it.” 
Lucy O'Reilly, Kells & District Tourism Forum
“I enjoyed the trip to Girley Bog and found it a very eye-opening experience to see the vast flora and fauna that live on the bog. It would be a very valuable experience for children of all ages in terms of learning about the natural environment”
Student, Marino Institute of Education
"I joined Kate for a walking tour of Girley Bog in Summer 2013. I found her tour to be very informative and enjoyable, and I learned a lot about the native plants of the area as well as the importance of conserving our bogs. I hope to return again this year to learn more. Kate is patient and well informed, and has a talent for being able to appeal to people of all ages and levels of knowledge"
Áine Tuffy Gogarty, Kingscourt
“I did a bog walk with Kate as part of a yoga and walking workshop her sister ran in Kells. She is a salmon of knowledge, the bog tour was truly a revelation”
Carmel Bergin, Yoga Croi, Dublin
"During the foraging walk, Kate showed what nature had to offer in terms of eatable plants and berries but also what to avoid. After the walk, Kate set a table full of delicious home-made treats such as cordial, biscuits, buns and pesto, containing ingredients from the nature of the bog. I am from Sweden and used to foraging, and this interesting walk really showed what Irish nature has to offer"
Emilie Gustafsson, Sweden
"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the day out foraging in Girley Bog. I found the day very informative I learned a lot which I have had great pleasure in passing on to my friends .The  food was amazing - I went back with my husband the next week and picked bilberries which I made into jam"
Elizabeth Lynch