Boyne Valley Food Series Foraging Walk & Picnic

This event is now over. 

Join us on a foraging foray at Girley Bog Natural Heritage Area and learn about edible plants & flowers. Discover what plant families are safe to eat and which to avoid, and get recipes and resources for further foraging. Includes a tasty picnic with samples of foraged foods. See menu below (May change depending on seasonal availability).

Foraged foods picnic menu
Dillisk oatcakes
Wild Rocket, Watercress & Basil pesto
Girley Bog Elderflower cordial with Wild Raspberry & Meadowsweet syrup
Wild Bilberry & Banana Muffins
Wild Bilberry Jam
Rhubarb Jam
Chicory & acorn coffee
All picnic items are home-made, using local ingredients and products where possible, including locally foraged elderflowers, meadowsweet, bilberries and raspberries, home-grown courgettes &rhubarb.

to forage: verb

(of a person or animal) to search widely for food or provisions

From old French fourrager (verb) from feurre 'straw' or fodder

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